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Hey! I joined a while ago but haven't been keeping up...sorry! But I recently had a N Ex experience I thought y'all might appreciate: my hubby and I got Season One on DVD last Christmas, but because we have SO MANY other shows waiting in line, we are only just now getting around to watching it. Last night we watched the pilot episode! It's been years and years since I've seen it, but I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it's still really fresh and enjoyable! I was afraid it might seem dated after so much time---but not at all!

Impressions from the Pilot: I think they did a good job of introducing everyone (except Chris! We only see him briefly in the end scenes)and introducing some of the themes that will run throughout the show. I did feel, however, that they didn't have Ed QUITE right. There was too much young Keanu Reeves about him. I like the direction they actually took him in much better than the goofy "Far out, Dude!" kind of guy they seemed to want to go with at first. Am I imagining, or has there been some change in Ed after the Pilot?

I'm fairly familiar with the show, but my hubby has never seen it at all. He said it was fun, but he feels they need some better looking girls! I said "You didn't like Maggie?" He said "Who's Maggie?" I explained, and he said, "Oh, you mean the one who looks like a man?" Haha! Sorry, but I've always thought Maggie is exceptionally pretty, even with the short, short hair.

I hope Shelly come into more in the next episode. I think he'll like her...
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