thathobbitlady (thathobbitlady) wrote in n_exposure,

Green Acres?

Well, we have made it thru Season One, and my hubby, as a first time viewer, had an interesting observation. The show reminds him of Green Acres. I guess that gives you a hint as to how old we are, lol! Who remembers Green Acres? And who agrees that there are quite a few elements of Green Acres in Northern Exposure?

Of course, at the core, we have the city-dweller (Joel/Oliver), who comes to the small town, as the "fish out of water" who totally does not "get it." He is the quintessensial outsider who thinks everyone else is just plain WACKY. And just like in Green Acres, we are seeing the town thru HIS eyes, which makes it the whole thing that much more fun.

But Joel's girlfriend Elaine, like Oliver's wife Lisa, seems to have no problem at all fitting in. She comes into the crazy little town and make friends right away, pretty much embracing the wackiness, much to the dismay of her signicant other. (We see Elaine in only one episode in Season One, and I don't remember if we see any more of her, but I hope we do---she's a great character!)

Holling is Sam Drucker, the mayor AND the saloon keeper, while Sam Drucker was the postmaster AND the owner of the general store. Ed is Eb, the somewhat goofy hired hand. Maurice is Mr. Haney, he's always got some get-rich quick scheme going on. And Arnold Ziffel (the pig!) is the moose that's always walking thru town.

If you know the show, you might be able to draw more comparison. I'm just mentioning this here as food for thought. Any thoughts?
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